CRC Capital Places Its Trust on Fan8

CRC Capital Invests in Fan8 Token

Beowulf Blockchain, the global leader for decentralized cloud communications, announced today that CRC Capital has invested in the Fan8 project. The investment provides support for the Fan8 project to achieve its mission more quickly in helping Idols (artists, musicians, influencers, KOLs, and celebrities, etc.) to convert intangible qualities into tangible value.

Fan8 is an innovative platform for edutainment because it provides a two-way interactive real-time communication platform for virtual meetings, concerts, and talk shows for up to 10,000 audience members at a time, while at the same time putting monetary power (fiat or token) back into the hands of the artists to allow them to earn a better living via donations, ticket sales, merchandises, and the so-called Universal Basic Income, directly from their activities within the global community.

“We are delighted to take part in the FAN8 project because of its extraordinary mission in helping artists, musicians, influencers, and celebrities, etc., to maximize their potential while maintaining respect with global audiences. With the technology FAN8 team built in-house, their mission can be achieved, and we are happy to lend our hands,” said Jeremy Khoo, the managing partner of CRC Capital.

“We appreciate the trust that CRC placed upon us. The pandemic has shown that the world is changing and Fan8 is the next evolution in entertainment. Fan8 was developed to help Idols across the globe to perform and earn a better living, while all stakeholders of the Fan8 project are able to earn a form of Universal Basic Income,” said Dr. William H. Nguyen, founder of the Fan8 platform. He also added: “Through the unique organization of collective events/activities fostered by a thriving partnership of idols, fans, local community members and investors, Fan8 provides an unprecedented opportunity for sustained long-term relationships in the edutainment field using the online format.”

About CRC Capital

CRC Capital was established in 2020 by a group of financial and technological industry veterans in Singapore. Its mission is to support a decentralized world by investing in blockchain innovation. For more information about CRC Capital, please visit:

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Telegram: @fan8official

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CRC Capital Places Its Trust on Fan8



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